About Us

About Us

Custom Productions has a 28+ year history of quality repair and fabrication on all makes of vehicles domestic and foreign. In the past 15 years, we have ceased to work on everyday, 9 to 5 drivers and opted to keep the fine art of hot rods & the custom scene alive, by building true hand built customs

Custom Productions is an automotive business dedicated to custom building vehicles to the customers desires. We want the vehicle to be one that the customer enjoys & wants to be driving no matter what his - her (cookie cutter) new car is.

We take the time to work with you, to design your dream vehicle, then take it from design to drive all at once or in steps to make it more affordable. All custom sheet metal, stainless steel, chassis, front & rear suspension, rear axle shortening, frames, sections & many other aspects are always done in house This is a great savings to you over other subcontractor shops that can't do these things when building your vehicle.

At Custom Productions, we will build any vehicle for you and you will always have choices in the building of your vehicle, ( it is yours ).

The differences between parts & how they work for your application will be explained , such as the correct front or rear suspension for your car, the right shocks, etc..

We purchase the latest quality parts from several suppliers to get the best prices for you. We use min. 18 gauge steel for floors, tubs, body panels, etc.. All panels fabricated or bought are 100% welded in, with channels &/or braces where necessary. We do not spot weld. When tubbing full frame cars, whether or not we do a body off the frame, it will be removable as it was from the factory.

We would like you to remember, when your getting your car built, whether its a sewn panel or a handmade hoodside, it doesn't take much more to create a something really unique. Don't ask because you think it can't be done or is too expensive.

Remember, it's your dream car, let us make it everything you ever wanted and more.

We are the custom shop that the BIG boys come to get the quality and handcraft on their own Hot Rods and Toys!

Thank you for visiting our webpage and please take a look at our projects. Come Back Soon!